Friday, June 24, 2016

Episcopal bishop urges political engagement during election year

 From The Diocese of Western Massachusetts

The Right Rev. Douglas Fisher, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts, has issued a statement on the upcoming presidential election encouraging "our church leaders to urge people to vote, to be informed and to bring Gospel values into their discernment."

While he notes that clergy "cannot endorse any candidate publicly" nor should they "speak against a candidate by name from the pulpit or in church publications," he calls Christianity a "world-engaging faith."

"If we are to engage the world, then we need to be good citizens and be informed about the issues of our time. And we need to speak to those issues – even when those issues are complex and they always are," said Fisher in the statement posted on his blog, where he has advocated for better gun safety legislation, written about his Church's support for same sex marriage and the impact of global warning.

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