Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mississippi Religious-Objection Law in Judge’s Hands

From The Wall Street Journal-

“The law simply provides religious accommodations granted by many states and federal law,” Republican Gov. Phil Bryant said in a statement. “I remain hopeful the courts will recognize that reality.”

“I truly believe that people will take great license with [the law] and there will be a lot of abuses,” said Susan Hrostowski, a 58-year-old plaintiff in one of four lawsuits. An Episcopal priest in Hattiesburg, Miss, she and her wife were among couples who won a ruling against the state ban on adoption by same sex couples in a separate case earlier this year.

The Mississippi legislation is one of many state bills social conservatives have sought amid setbacks on the national stage. North Carolina recently drew national attention, plus a legal fight with the U.S. Justice Department, with its  law that requires transgender people to use the public bathroom corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate.

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