Friday, July 1, 2016

Bishops’ consultation helps keep Communion together, says Hiltz

From Canada-

Seven years after the first Consultation of Anglican Bishops in Dialogue was held at the Anglican Communion offices in London, England, in 2010, a record 24 bishops—including four primates—came together in Accra, Ghana, from May 25-29 to learn about the unique contexts and challenges different parts of the African, North American and English churches are facing.

In a testimony released following the consultation, titled “Unity in Diversity,” the bishops looked back on what has been accomplished since 2010, and said that in order to build a stronger sense of unity, the Communion needs to turn to the past.

The testimony held up the concept of sankofa, common to the Akan people of the Gold Coast, as a useful way of doing so.

Sankofa can be translated as meaning “it is not a taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind.” As the testimony explains, it is a way of seeing the past as a dynamic reality that should be examined and used as a resource for shaping the present and the future.

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