Friday, July 8, 2016

General Synod opening worship confronts difficult questions

From Anglican Journal- (Canada)

Standing before the broad wooden altar dominating the centre of the meeting hall, clothed in crimson vestments, the primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, delivered his sermon at the opening Eucharist of the 41st meeting of General Synod in a voice thick with emotion.

“This is the body that through its history has…wrestled with numerous issues within the Church and in the world at large over which we have often found ourselves in deep disagreement,” Archbishop Fred Hiltz said speaking of General Synod itself. “Many of the issues have centred around inclusion.”

In a silence that was palpable save for the low hum of the air conditioners, Hiltz listed the major debates that have arisen and been resolved since the General Synod of the Canadian church first met in 1893—the ordination of women, the right of children to take the Eucharist, the remarriage of divorced persons and the place of Indigenous peoples—before culminating with the most contentious issue of the present day: the marriage of same-sex couples.

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