Saturday, July 9, 2016

‘God’s Breath’ allows us to give back, to heal

Fro Utah-

Spirit is an interesting word in Hebrew. In addition on meaning spirit, it can also mean breath, or wind. Michael Curry is well known Episcopal preacher, who is presently the Bishop of the Episcopal Church, and he tells the story of being chastised by his father when he was a teenager. Apparently he was complaining about something trivial and his father blurted out, “You know, the Lord didn’t put you here just to consume oxygen.” I don’t know if his father intended this to be taken theologically, but for Reverend Curry it became a theological truth. The theological truth was this. Although we do need to breathe oxygen in order to live and God did put us here intending that we consume oxygen, there is more to breathing than mere consumption. If we are to survive, we also have to exhale. In fact, Exhaling carbon dioxide is as important as inhaling (consuming) oxygen.

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