Friday, October 7, 2016

A Very Small Eulogy for an Archbishop

From Patheos-

William Laud was born on this day in 1573. The Anglican communion dedicates the 10th of January, the date of his death (by beheading), as a feast.

William Laud eventually rose to the rank of Archbishop of Canterbury and was the close advisor to King Charles the first. What makes him important to remember is how he was central in the establishment of what would become the High Church party in the Church of England, and eventually the Anglo-Catholic movement. He is known for many things, additionally, including as a relentless enforcer of his reforms of the reformed church. This included active persecution of the Puritans, which stained his memory. Along the way he made more than his share of enemies, and as the Civil War was warming up was imprisoned on trumped up charges by the Long Parliament. Finally, in the midst of the Civil War, he was executed.

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