Wednesday, October 5, 2016

When Canterbury and Rome meet in a common mission

From Crux-

In the history of this pontificate, October 2016 may come to be seen as the focal point of Christian unity initiatives - beginning with the Orthodox and ending with the Protestants, with the Anglicans (appropriately) sandwiched between the two.

The Pope began the month with a landmark visit to Georgia - where the Orthodox Church is at its most conservative and suspicious of Rome - not long after the news that a document has come to an agreed Catholic-Orthodox position on the vexed questions of “synodality and primacy” during the first millennium.

Given that differences on the synodal structure of the Church and the primacy of the Pope are two of the greatest obstacles to unity between Catholics and Orthodox believers, the document - which has not yet been published - will help to deepen the ties Francis has established with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow in Cuba in February and Georgia’s Patriarch Ilia II.

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