Sunday, October 16, 2016

Episcopal Diocese of Lexington wants a new bishop

From Lexington-

The Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington says it wants a new bishop.

The current bishop, the Very Rev. Douglas Hahn, has been suspended since March, after it was discovered that he had had a previous affair with a parishioner which he did not disclose during his interview process in Lexington.

The six-member standing committee said that in a unanimous vote Oct. 5, the committee agreed that “it desires the dissolution of the pastoral relationship between Bishop Hahn and the Diocese of Lexington,” according to a letter to parishioners.

Hahn, however, “has not accepted our decision; therefore, we are not in agreement,” the letter stated. The presiding bishop of the church has been notified of the situation as called for by church laws, according to the letter.

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