Friday, October 21, 2016

Opinion: Why I don’t think we should redefine marriage to include same sex couples

From Austraila-

IN A recent opinion piece on Jane Gilmore argued that the Sydney Anglican booklet What has God Joined Together? is a “logic fail”.

Further, she accused the church of trying to take ownership of the gay marriage debate.
As one of the authors of the booklet, nothing could be further from my mind. I don’t want to own this debate but I do want to move it from startlingly superficial to a far better place.

I should explain that the booklet, which you can read here, is a still a draft, written to help Sydney Anglicans engage in the public debate about whether Australia should redefine marriage to include same-sex couples.

Now, I know that Christians shouldn’t expect that any special privilege attaches to our views. In a secular liberal democracy like Australia, we have no more right than others — and no less right than others — to present our point of view, and to seek to persuade others that our view might be good for society generally.

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