Thursday, December 8, 2016

In Good Faith: Let your light shine (or not)

From Massachusetts-

When you live on Main Street in a quaint New England town, there is great pressure to put up white lights in your windows in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I'm not sure how long this tradition has been going on in Hingham, Massachusetts, but it likely traces back to the 17th century town fathers. You know, the ones who missed the boat to Plymouth and had to settle for Johnny-come-lately-to-the-New-World status. The ones who don't have a famous "rock" to celebrate, as anticlimactic as the real thing may be.

When we first toured the church rectory over seven years ago, my wife noted the abundance of outlets in the rooms facing Main Street. I mean, now that she mentioned it, there were plugs under every single window. What was that about? Were we supposed to put illuminated neon beer signs in all the windows? Our gracious guide just laughed -- it was May after all -- and explained this unique "requirement" of living on Main Street.

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