Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Theologians & activists tackle spiritual & social crisis of racism in America

From RNS-

Dr. Catherine Meeks, a longtime leader in the struggle for racial justice, brings together a range of powerful voices—theologians, pastors, and activists—to grapple with the spiritual and social crisis of racism in a new collection of essays: Living into God’s Dream: Dismantling Racism in America (Morehouse Publishing). The book is “timely and urgently needed,” says Jim Wallis in the foreword, in the aftermath of the contentious and troubling national election that showed how far we are from being a “postracial” country.

The contributors are “clear about the need for a different conversation on race in the 21st century than the one held in the 20th,” says Dr. Meeks. “Colorblindness” is not the answer. “The rush to racial reconciliation is rooted deeply in the notion of colorblindness, a philosophy highly held in the religious communities of America. It is not, however a notion that is rooted in truly trying to hear what Blacks are saying about their state of affairs when it comes to race,” Dr. Meeks writes. “There will be no racial reconciliation without justice, no justice without racial healing.”

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