Sunday, February 12, 2017

Anglicans braced for new clashes over gay marriage in church

From The Telegraph-

The Anglican church is set for a renewed clash on the divisive question of gay marriage this week when its ruling body votes on a key report from the Bishops on same sex relationships.

The Church of England synod, the governing body made up of Bishops, clergy and laity which decides on church law and policy, will vote on Wednesday whether to ‘take note’ - confirm - or reject the report confirming the status quo against gay marriage.

Liberals within the church are hopeful the synod will reject advice from the Bishops’ to leave its policy against gay marriage unchanged.

A vote by the synod in favour of same-sex marriage could eventually pave the way for a fundamental change in Anglican teaching.

That could eventually see gay and lesbian couples allowed to marry in church - something more conservative elements have long resisted.

Liberals in the synod have welcomed the prospect of a vote against the ban on same sex marriage.

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