Monday, February 13, 2017

St. Stephen’s Episcopal sad to see Cambodian refugee retire

From Richmond-

Sun Ho Nuon was smart enough to become a schoolteacher in his native Cambodia.

And he was smart enough not to tell anyone when the Khmer Rouge terrorized the country in the 1970s, arrested those considered professionals and intellectuals, and executed them in the dead of night. Brutality was the Khmer Rouge style, and their implements of death varied. Nuon carried a serious-looking hoe when I met him for an interview last week. By day, he said, such a hoe would have been used to work the fields; by night, it was a killing tool.


He and his family were sponsored by St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church on Grove Avenue. One thing led to another, and Nuon wound up working as a sexton at the church. He retired a few weeks ago as the senior member of the parish staff after more than 35 years on the job. St. Stephen’s held a reception in his honor.

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