Friday, April 21, 2017

How do you get an exorcism if there's a ghost in your house?

From Liverpool- (with video)

Granada Studios, the former home of Coronation Street, recently hired an exorcist to put a stop to persistent paranormal activity .

Apparently, performers there have been disturbed by spirits for more than a decade. The TV show Most Haunted visited the set in 2005 but failed to halt the spectral nuisance.

Actors are more given to superstition than most, but many of us believe we’ve been haunted.

So what happens if you start having ghostly happenings in your own home?

Exorcists aren’t something it’s easy to just hire off the web, and most people in need will use their local church as the first port of call.

We spoke to representatives of Liverpool’s Anglican and Catholic churches to ask for their advice.

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