Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Walking Jesus’ walk, with a modern twist this Easter season

From The Washington Post-

John Seeley walked down the road, struggling a bit under the weight of the heavy cedar wood cross he bore.

Like so many pilgrims and penitents before him, Seeley traced the route that Jesus walked on the day of his execution. But the stations of the cross bore different names on this Good Friday in Baltimore: 

The first station, the once-segregated church. The third station, the home of the Confederate colonel. The seventh, the site of the blackface minstrel shows. The ninth, the school where white parents refused to let their children attend alongside black children.

“Lord Jesus,” the congregants who followed Seeley in procession prayed. “How can we as a neighborhood and as a parish atone for the past sins of racism?”

The walk through Baltimore on Good Friday, which Memorial Episcopal Church hosted with the theme “Repenting for Racism,” used the stations of the cross as a literal road map for the process of prayer.

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