Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Episcopal bishop calls on Mayor Sarno to support sanctuary church in Springfield

From Western Massachusetts-

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts has asked Mayor Domenic J. Sarno to reverse course and support South Congregational Church as a temporary sanctuary to undocumented immigrants whose deportation has become a priority under the Trump administration.

"I ask Mayor Sarno to reconsider his opposition to this compassionate initiative. I ask the Mayor to consider the impact the fear of deportation is having on our children, our neighborhoods, our businesses," the Rev. Douglas J. Fisher in his statement released Saturday.

"If Springfield were to become a 'sanctuary city,' what harm could come from it? Our vulnerable neighbors would have no fear in calling the police or an ambulance. I know Mayor Sarno is a good man who has the responsibility of upholding the law. I ask the Mayor to give South Congregational its sacred space in this community, to allow the Church to be Church. I intend to support South Congregational as my office permits. I ask Mayor Sarno to do the same."

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