Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Orombi to Men - Stick to One Wife

From Uganda-

Retired Archbishop of Uganda Henry Luke Orombi has asked government to promote monogamy as a strategy of controlling the high population growth, which has led to high dependency rate and maternal mortality in Uganda.

Rtd Archibishop Orombi argued that a relationship, where a man marries one wife or engages in a sexual relationship with one partner makes it easy for him to stand by his woman during pregnancy to ensure safe delivery as opposed to polygamy.

"Preach the importance of treasuring women...we must stand by her in her role (of procreation) as a woman," he said adding that "promote monogamy to reduce high population and maternal mortality."

The former archbishop was last Friday speaking at an event organised to celebrate 10 years of Save the Mothers (STM) East Africa, a non-governmental organisation, aimed at improving the health of mothers and babies.

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