Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bishop says royal wedding ‘wove together many different worlds’

From PBS-

In a striking break with English tradition, the first black leader of the U.S. Episcopal Church delivered a passionate sermon at the royal wedding on Saturday, where he referenced Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s beliefs on the "redemptive power of love.” To some, the speech was as significant as the matrimony itself. Alison Stewart talked to Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry about converging cultures.

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    Joining me now via Skype from the United Kingdom is the most Reverend Michael Curry. Reverend thanks for being with us.
    Sure glad to be with you.
    Your message to this couple today was about the power of love. But there was definitely a message for the rest of the world as well. What do you hope we all take away from today’s ceremony?
    Well you know I really do hope and pray that that that this day can be a day of renewal for all of us. There was a couple who are deeply in love with each other and you could feel and see their love on their faces and it’s real. And and they chose the text that I used from the Song of Solomon. And it’s just interesting that it comes from a part in that Song of Solomon or Song of Songs is really a low poem found in the Hebrew Scriptures of the Old Testament and so that text actually became the springboard for recognizing that the love between Harry and Meghan between this couple actually was tapping into a greater love that isn’t a matter of sentimentality but actually as a way of life that can change lives and that can change social structures and can change the world in the way in which we live.

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