Friday, May 25, 2018

Fresh off royal sermon, bishop warns 'somebody woke up Jim Crow'

From CNN-

Less than a week after his star-making sermon at the British royal wedding, Episcopal Presiding Bishop Michael Curry set his sights on American politics, leading a church service to lament what he and other Christian leaders call "a dangerous crisis of moral and political leadership."

"It's like somebody woke up Jim Crow," Curry told CNN in an interview before the Thursday evening service, "and said let's not just segregate Americans over race, let's separate people along religious and political and class lines, too."

Thursday's service, a candlelight vigil that followed at the White House and a statement by Christian leaders are intended to dig beneath those divisions and remind Christians of Jesus' core values, Curry said.

"To help Christian people, people of goodwill, to find their voice, to reclaim and renew the faith that Jesus has given us, and to find a way to live that faith both in our personal lives and in the public square."

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