Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Episcopal Church in Navajoland welcomes return of chapel

From New Mexico-

 As the scent of burning cedar filled Hozho Chapel, members and friends of the Episcopal Church in Navajoland gathered on Wednesday to welcome the space's reopening.

The chapel is located inside an old hospital built by the church in 1922. It served as one of the first hospitals for the area.

The Episcopal Church in Navajoland was organized as an area mission for the entire Navajo reservation by the Episcopal Church in 1976, according to the church's website.

Navajoland has been working to restore the two-story building and transform it into a women's wellness center.

The downstairs area will house Cheii's Web Development, an entity under Navajoland that focuses on website development. After its new home is complete, Cheii's will offer courses to teach Navajos how to develop and implement business ideas, as well as teach website design.

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