Thursday, May 3, 2018

Security at sanctuary: Debate over carrying guns in church

From Houston-

Many churchgoers in the Houston area, where Harris County property records show there are nearly 3,000 buildings designated for religious use, are in agreement with Skeen. For others, the idea of guns in church isn’t a welcome one.

“It just feels inappropriate,” said Valerie Meisel, who attends Christ Church Cathedral, an Episcopal Church on Texas Avenue where a note printed in the church bulletin every Sunday states that carrying a concealed or openly visible firearm is prohibited on church property. “It’s totally contrary to what going to church is about.”

Regardless of where a congregation member might stand on firearms inside churches, whether or not they can actually bring a gun into a place of worship ultimately comes down to where they attend religious services.

While some churches in Houston like Christ Church Cathedral prohibit concealed and open carry via posted signs, a statement in the bulletin, or spoken notice from a church official, there are others like Pathways Church that don’t have an official policy. And when there isn’t written or verbal communication that states otherwise, anyone with a license to carry can bring a firearm — either concealed or openly visible — inside a place of worship by default.

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