Friday, May 11, 2018

Society needs us to be Anglican, not sectarian

From The Church Times-

MORE than 75 years years since William Temple argued, in Christianity and Social Order, that the Church had a right and duty to “interfere” in political and social policy issues, we seem to be witnessing new interest in the interface between religion and public life.

Much current public thinking about theology and society focuses on Roman Catholic Social Teaching, but neglects the important Anglican tradition, which is less comprehensively codified, but arguably, since Temple, more influential in British history.

There is a distinctive and robust tradition of social theology within Anglicanism, especially the Church of England. I argued in Anglican Social Theology, published in 2014, that the continuities in the tradition would be able to carry the weight of repositioning Anglican thinking in response to financial crisis of 2008, which led either to an aggressively resurgent market and social liberalism, or to an authoritarian and introspective reaction to it.

Although an aggressive mode of liberalism appears, superficially, to have followed the financial crisis, deeper doubts about both social and economic liberalism are also surfacing more prominently.

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