Sunday, June 17, 2018

Gay Christian rock star backed by Archbishop of Canterbury ditches her dream of being an Anglican priest because Church teaches she is 'sinful'

From The Daily Mail-

A Christian rock star has abandoned her dream of becoming an Anglican priest because as a gay woman she cannot accept the church's teaching that homosexuality is 'sinful'.
Vicky Beeching, 38, revealed she has now 'let go of her dream' to become a priest after bishops allegedly warned her she would need to become celibate if she wanted to continue her training.
Oxford-educated Beeching, who enjoyed stratospheric success as Christian musician, was considered such a bright prospect that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, personally asked her to join the priesthood.
She came out as gay in 2014, a few months after her conversation with Welby, and claims she was ostracised by her church mentors shortly after.
According to Beeching, she also lost her record deal and was blacklisted by several radio stations while receiving a torrent of abuse and death threats.
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