Friday, June 22, 2018

Vestry of US church attempts to lock rector out after fallout

From Church Times-

A FORMER Principal of Trinity College, Bristol, Canon George Kovoor, has fallen out with his church in the United States. Lay leaders have attempted to change the locks on the church to keep him out.

Canon Kovoor, who is also a chaplain to the Queen, was appointed Rector of St Paul’s, Darien, in the diocese of Connecticut, in 2016. He served as Principal of Trinity for eight years, until he resigned in 2013.

Canon Kovoor moved to the US to take up a post in New Haven, Connecticut, before moving to Darien.

Tensions became apparent last October when the vestry of St Paul’s — the equivalent of a PCC — told the diocesan Bishop, the Rt Revd Ian Douglas, that they wanted to remove Canon Kovoor. Bishop Douglas informed the parish that it could not remove Canon Kovoor without his own approval.

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