Monday, June 4, 2018

IN GOOD FAITH: The royal power of love

From  Massachusetts-
I’m not much of a royal watcher. I find a figurehead monarchy whose yoke we overthrew 200 years ago less than compelling. Sure, at the insistence of my wife, I watched a few episodes of “The Crown” on Netflix, but I generally prefer my kings and queens relegated to the chess board.
Attending an early morning royal wedding watch party was never going to happen. Partly because I just can’t pull off the fascinator look, but also because I figured I’d see all the photos the next time I’m on line at the grocery store staring at the tabloids as the person in front of me inevitably pays with a check.
I did perk up when I heard Harry and Meghan invited Bishop Michael Curry to preach. As an Episcopalian, Bishop Curry is the head of my denomination; he is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church. I’ve heard him preach several times and I thought to myself, “Do these royals have any idea what they just signed up for? They better hang onto their fancy hats!”
And sure enough, Bishop Curry — one of the foremost preachers in America — nearly blew the walls off St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. What captivated everyone was Bishop Curry’s ability to speak simultaneously and forcefully to both the royal couple and the entire world. His mere presence, as a passionate black man in a mostly staid white context, was as powerful as his words. His message about the power of love stood in stark relief to a global context crying out for justice, mercy, and hope.
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