Friday, June 8, 2018

Synod of the Episcopal Church of Brazil backs same-sex marriage

From The Church Times-

THE General Synod of the Episcopal Church of Brazil (IEAB) has voted overwhelmingly to amend canon law to allow its priests to conduct same-sex marriages in church.
Members of the synod voted 57 to four, with two abstentions, in favour of amending its marriage canon to be gender-neutral, last Friday. It was the third time that the motion had been brought before the synod.
Same-sex marriage was legalised in the country in 2012. Discussions on same-sex marriage in the Church started in about 1997, but the synod did not commission formal dialogues within the dioceses until 2013, a statement from the Province said.
“Canonical changes were approved in an environment filled by the Holy Spirit and with mutual love and respect. It was preceded by long, deep, and spiritual dialogue.”
The outgoing Primate of Brazil, the Most Revd Francisco de Assis da Silva, said: “I felt the decision was a result of the Holy Spirit’s presence and work. This widens our boundaries, allowing us to be more welcoming to the diversity of people in our country.”
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