Saturday, October 6, 2018

A look at ex-Baltimore bishop Heather Cook's time behind bars, according to her case file

From Baltimore-
Former Episcopal bishop Heather Cook’s criminal case file indicates she has been active in prison programs while serving a nearly three years of her original seven-year sentence for fatally striking bicyclist Tom Palermo with her car while drunk.

Her participation has earned her enough credits that her sentence has been shortened by more than three years; she is scheduled to be released Aug. 6 of next year and could be freed next month if her most recent request to the court is approved.

Alisa Rock, a sister of Palermo’s wife, Rachel, said in an email to The Baltimore Sun that she “vehemently” opposes Cook’s application.

“Each of Cook’s attempts to reduce her sentence traumatizes my sister and her family anew,” she said.

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