Monday, October 29, 2018

Better Angels foster dialogue between local conservatives and liberals

From Mass-

Although officially described as a workshop, a gathering of “blues” and “reds” on Saturday was also something of a retreat.

The day-long session to foster dialogue between conservatives and liberals using a Better Angels approach, brought together seven self-described “blues” and four “reds” for a series of exercises at the Episcopal Church of St. James and St. Andrew.

Organizers from Community Conversations — a Franklin County group that’s been meeting for months — attempted to attract an equal number of community members, they explained, but were unable because of a reluctance from the “red” minority in Massachusetts to come forward.

The workshop, one of 130 around the nation since the bi-partisan Better Angels organization was created in 2016, was also attended by more than a dozen observers.

Each side, meeting separately, identified stereotypes that members felt the “opposite” group held about them, then analyzed the myths about each stereotype, as well as the kernel of truth about it. Discussing  the findings together afterward, the exercise helped both sides be self-critical, demonstrate humility and see each other beyond stereotypes.

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