Saturday, March 30, 2019

From La Croix-

Many Catholics are overwhelmed, shocked and appalled. They are traumatized by the sex abuse crisis that is tainting their Church. And so am I. But what can we do?

Above all, we must express our compassion and empathy for the victims, whose suffering is much greater than ours.

This crisis demands that we transform the Church, which is made up of us all. This transformation can only happen by returning to the Gospel, but it must also involve tangible changes in the ways in which we live in the Church and society.

Last August, Pope Francis wrote to all of God's people, appealing to them to take action against clericalism, which he perceives as the source of the abuse perpetrated by priests, bishops and religious superiors.

I hope to add my modest part to his appeal.

At least three reasons not to call me "Father"

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