Wednesday, March 27, 2019

University hosting Lambeth Conference raises concern over gay spouse ban

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The University of Kent has labelled the ban on same sex partners attending the global meeting of Anglican bishops as "contrary to its values".

The Lambeth Conference will take place at the Canterbury campus next year but now faces uncertainty, with university bosses now seeking meetings with the event organisers including Justin Welby.

While bishops attending are expected to bring their wives and husbands, earlier this year organisers confirmed those in same sex relationships wouldn't be permitted to bring their partners.

The decision by the Anglican Communion, which was made to appease conservatives within the Communion, has received criticism from MPs, some bishops and students at the University of Kent.

The US Episcopal Church said it was "concerned by the use of exclusion as a means of building communion".

The University's governing body met this week to discuss the ban after receiving a large number of concerns raised by staff, students, and members of the public, about hosting the conference.

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