Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Church urged to vet funders as part of graft fight

 From Kenya-

The church has been challenged to rethink its strategy while mobilising for resources to ensure illegally acquired resources don’t get their way to the pulpit.
The Head of Anglican Church in Kenya, Jackson ole Sapit says to fight corruption, the church must desist from hyping those giving the money and instead encourage people including politicians to do it silently.

He said the matter has so far attracted “mixed reactions as some church leaders say they can’t identify clean and dirty money. Let us learn as a church to worship God with our resources quietly. Let us not hide behind this thing called harambees and guest of honours.”

There have been concerns that some politicians have been spending millions of questionable cash in places of worship while using it to woo supporters.

He was speaking during a multi-sectoral initiative against corruption press briefing Tuesday where he challenged Kenyans to support the renewed war on graft.

“The pulpit should only be for the worship leaders,” he said.

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