Monday, April 22, 2019

United Methodists could split over LGBT debate, as have other denominations

From Columbus-

The Episcopal Church, an American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, consecrated its first openly gay bishop in 2003. It passed a resolution in 2009 that “God’s call is open to all,” eradicating discriminatory barriers to the election of bishops. And in 2015, the church decided as a denomination to perform same-sex marriages.

Individuals, churches and entire dioceses left and formed new American denominations. They joined the worldwide Anglican church, which doesn’t support same-sex marriage or ordination of openly gay preachers.

“The Methodist Church is not going through something new ... The Methodist Church is going through what the Episcopal Church went through 15 years ago,” said the Rev. Paul Williams, rector at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Pickerington. “They’re following a path many have gone through, and they’ll be OK.”

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