Saturday, October 19, 2019

Even conservative rectors shuddered: why Sydney Archbishop's words hurt

From Australia-

It’s been clear for some time now that Sydney Anglicans have a grave public image problem. It’s one the leaders usually blame on others – the media for “spin”, the public for not understanding nuance, those in the pews for not blindly accepting what they are told.

A perfect example of this was provided this week when Archbishop Reverend Dr Glenn Davies, made a startling, unprecedented call for those in the church who wish to change doctrine on same-sex marriage to leave the church.

It was in a section of his synod speech about bishops, and he has since explained he did not mean everyone who supported same-sex marriage should walk out of the church, just the “guardians of the faith”, but the damage was done.

Even conservative rectors sitting in the synod told me they shuddered when he said it, knowing they would need to answer to parishioners on the weekend, and accurately anticipating the headlines that might follow. Some likened it to the moment Davies announced $1 million had been donated to the failed “No” campaign, a secretive decision that perplexed many and angered more.

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