Friday, October 18, 2019

My words were for the bishops and I stand by them

From Australia-

Every year at about this time I am asked, "Why don't you update what you believe – it doesn't fit with modern Australia." The subject lately has been same-sex marriage, but it has been a kaleidoscope of issues over the years.

When representatives of our churches meet at our annual Synod, we do so publicly. Our churches are open to all people in the suburbs of Sydney, the Illawarra and the Blue Mountains, so our governing body is public as well. We do not hide our beliefs, nor are we ashamed of them. People know what we believe and are free to comment on what we do and what we believe.

When I spoke this year about bishops as "guardians of the faith", I was reflecting not only the doctrine of the Anglican Church, but also the ancient testimony of the early church right back to the time of the New Testament, when the apostle Paul charged his co-workers, Timothy and Titus, to "guard what was committed to your trust".

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