Saturday, November 30, 2019

Episcopal Diocese of Georgia urged to join bishop’s commitment to address ‘America’s original sin of racism’

From Georgia-

The head of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia is committing a share of the church’s endowment to addressing racism in society and urging diocesan congregations to do the same. 

Bishop Scott Anson Benhase has committed 3% of the diocese’s $2.5 million endowment fund to help form a Resource Team for Racial Reconciliation & Healing to work through a newly formed St. Anna Alexander Center for the same purpose.

He is urging “all congregations in this diocese with endowments to commit 3% of their endowment to this work, as well.”

The bishop, who will retire in May after 10 years in the post, made his plea as part of his final address to the elected lay and clergy leaders of the diocese at the 198th convention earlier this month.

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