Friday, November 29, 2019

Patrick Augustine, assistant bishop of the Diocese of Bor, appearing at Living Word Church during return to La Crosse

From Wisconsin-

After 16 years presiding over Christ Episcopal Church, Patrick Augustine left the comforts of La Crosse last June to accept the role of assistant bishop of the Diocese of Bor.
After a summer of service work in sweltering temperatures and mosquito-riddled quarters, Augustine is grateful for a brief reprieve in the Coulee Region, and the support of Living Word Christian Church, where he will be prayed over this weekend before his return to South Sudan.

After nearly three decades of assisting Sudanese refugees, including helping settle thousands of the Lost Boys of Sudan in America, Augustine was summoned last May to serve the Diocese of Bor, consecrated last June in South Sudan.
With the appointment, Augustine committed to four- to six-week visits, thrice yearly, to aid the country as it rebuilds after its 2011 independence from Sudan as well as build relationships between the impoverished country and the United States.

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