Sunday, April 19, 2020

History repeated?: One church’s tale of two pandemics, 100 years apart

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At the height of the influenza pandemic in 1918, Rev John Misao Yamazaki stopped holding services at St Mary’s Japanese Mission, the Episcopal church in Los Angeles he helped found more than a decade prior. Before mandatory quarantines were enacted, Yamazaki began visiting homes to pray for sick children and families.

More than a century later, in the midst of another global pandemic, Rev Laurel Coote, Yamazaki’s successor at what is now St Mary’s Episcopal Church, stands in the quiet sanctuary livestreaming images of its empty pews and stained glass windows to her congregation via Facebook.

“I felt compelled to come into the sanctuary so that I could sit in its beauty and its silence and stillness. And I know that you’re missing it too, and so I thought, let me share it with you today,” Coote says in the video. “Christ is alive in this holy place.”

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