Monday, April 20, 2020

Local churches adjust tithing processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

From Florida-

At St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Panama City, they’ve moved to a more modern process..

“We implemented an app called Tithely, and it's working very well... We are making our needs known. We are mentioning it on livestream. We are letting people know when our newsletters go out what we need, and so far people have been very generous and went out of their way to meet those needs,” said Father Rian Adams of St. Andrews Episcopal.

Father Adams’ wife also started making cloth face masks for anyone who wants them. All they ask is, if you order one, you make a donation to the church. In the first week of orders, the mask fundraiser brought in more than $1000 to St. Andrews.

“We don't ask them to do anything more than what they're able to at that point. We welcome whatever they're able to give, and we trust God for the rest of it,” said Father Adams.

Reverend Woodrow says another place churches are looking for money is the government.
“Fortunately, the government, if the government comes through with loans, they've been extended to churches, so churches can make their payroll. That'll help out a lot,” said Reverend Woodrow. 

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