Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Virginia Judge Rules For Breakaway Episcopal Groups

While I'm happy for the eleven churches in Virginia (I have many good friends there, including John Yates (pictured)) its astonishing how protracted the legal battle is. Its even more so when its understood that Virginia has an unique statute which deals explicitly with the situation of a congregation leaving a denomination. One has to believe that such disputes will be even more drawn out and expensive in most other states. After three trials there's a fourth set for October !

"The diocese said it was disappointed. "While we are disappointed in today's ruling, we are committed to exploring every option available to restore constitutional and legal protections for all churches in Virginia," the diocese said. Adding that more issues will be taken up during a trial set for October, it said, "the diocese remains firmly committed to ensuring that loyal Episcopalians, who have been forced to worship elsewhere, will be able to return to their Episcopal homes."

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