Monday, September 1, 2008

Bishop Coadjutor-Elect in Texas answers question about homosexuality

This is one of the answers given by Bishop Coadjutor elect The Rev. Canon C. Andrew Doyle, during the selection process. Let's see if he gets consents like Mark Lawrence and Paul Lambert weren't supposed to. I worked with Andrew at General Convention. He'll make a fine Bishop.

4. Please relate your personal views regarding the ordination of non-celibate gay and lesbian persons and the blessing of same-sex unions. How would you lead the Diocese of Texas in light of your views? (250 words)

I believe that the bishop's responsibility to the Church is to conserve the faith, unity and discipline and represent the whole of Christ's body. It does not seek to preserve any one special interest. Anglicanism values communion as a guiding principle and bases decisions upon scripture, tradition, and reason.

The Communion is clear about its teaching on sexuality. The Lambeth Conference has reaffirmed this historic teaching. The General Convention of The Episcopal Church has not changed its teaching on sexuality. The Diocese of Texas is clear in its canons regarding the definition of marriage. Therefore, I will not ordain non-celibate individuals, whether heterosexual, gay, or lesbian. I will not give permission to celebrate unions in the Diocese of Texas. As bishop, I will hold true to the canons of the Diocese of Texas. While some would see me as a Windsor bishop, my goal is to be a faithful and discerning bishop. I will not be anxious or have a problem leading the diocese through this time, for I have already been an integral part of the voice and vision.

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