Thursday, September 4, 2008

Even More Good Stuff: Nativity Crafton (Again)

Congratulations to Scott (and his lovely wife Vera) (who just happen to be Lindsey's (our youngest's) Godparents). Great work for the gospel !

Quinn's tenure wasn't expected to last so long. When he arrived fresh from seminary in 1983, many people didn't expect the parish to survive. The Church of the Nativity had about 25 members showing up for services, a dwindling bank account and a leaky roof.

"When Scott came, the church was practically nothing," said Jim Perrin, the church's historian. "Scott brought credibility to the church." The parish endowment, once less than $50,000, is nearly $1 million today, Quinn said. The church has about 300 members, including descendents of Charles Craft, who donated the land that the church sits on.

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