Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Good Stuff: In Louisiana, damage assessment now begins

A report about the work going on in the Diocese of Louisiana in the wake of Gustav.

"We have worked hard to have emergency evacuation plans for every congregation," said Jenkins in a telephone interview on September 1 from Baton Rouge, where he had evacuated with his family. "We made sure that elderly and disabled people in our parishes were taken out by the city, the state or friends and we have given each congregation an emergency preparedness kit," said (Bishop) Jenkins. He also reported that the diocese's mobile units -- a medical unit, a ministry unit and a meal-serving truck -- purchased and deployed following Hurricane Katrina, were also sent to Baton Rouge to wait out the storm. "There is a really good feeling to know that we have learned from Katrina and have been changed by that experience," said Cowart. "We have been more vigilant, more prepared and we have systems in place to be able to stay connected even when external circumstances scatter us," she said.

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