Wednesday, September 10, 2008

California's top Episcopal bishops oppose gay marriage ban

Notice the distinction between the approval of secular civil "rights" and the Church blessing such unions.

While the Episcopal bishops agreed on the need to preserve the right of gay and lesbian couples to wed, they disagreed about when priests should start presiding over such unions.

Some of the six believe that priests should be allowed to conduct ceremonies now, while others prefer to wait for consent from the Episcopal Church's governing body, the General Convention. It meets next in July 2009.,0,3495332.story

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the Reverend boy said...

I thought that was rather balanced considering that as a whole, CA is very progressive. At first glance, the entire statement seems to be honest "mind of the bishops" statement.

IN any event, regardless of what we personally want to believe, what the church can bless and what the state can "bless" are two different things and the standards for blessing (or "blessing" in the case of the state) are very very different.