Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Stuff in TEC: Ohio

An Episcopal church for the homeless in the Akron area.

Rambo walks to church on Sundays. He arrived in a grassy abandoned lot across from a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant a little before 1 p.m. and sat on a curb, where fellow churchgoers passed around cigarettes and talked about fights from the past week.

They greeted Rambo with hugs and shouts of his nickname, the only name he provides....

Then they took turns offering prayers before the Eucharist: one for children, one for the homeless, one for an ill friend, one for another preacher, one for family, one for soldiers, one for Rambo.

"When you put bread in those gnarled, dirty hands that have been through so much, and the expressions on their faces, that's grace," Reat said.
Then everyone joined hands to say the Lord's Prayer. Hats came off, and hands linked.

Rambo clasped a cluster of three palms between his rough hands. The thin man with a gray, wiry beard, who lives in the bushes near I-70, doesn't look much like his movie-menace namesake.
"I pray for me not to kill nobody today and not to have any arguments and not see any black eyes. No more war today."

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