Saturday, September 20, 2008

Post Deposition News Conference

From the blog "Episcopal Cafe."

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schroi and three other bishops held a brief and lightly-subscribed telephone press conference this afternoon which produced two significant pieces of news:

First: “The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh will not go away,” said Jefferts Schori, even if the diocesan convention votes to secede from the Episcopal Church and join the Anglican Province of the Southern cone.

She said one member of the diocesan standing committee, (the Rev. Jim Simons—although she did not name him) will remain in the Episcopal Church. She said she anticipates that Simons will “reconstitute the Standing Committee” and that it would become the new ecclesiastical authority in the diocese.


R S Bunker said...

Well Rev. Simons you will be know by the company you keep - in this case +Katie and her band of thieves.

Celinda Scott said...

R.S. Bunker--I think you underestimate the faith, perseverance, and intelligence of the conservative clergy and laity remaining in this diocese and in the national church. Also: although we strongly disagree with what the PB is doing and the way she is doing it, that does not keep us from treating her civilly not only to her face, but in how we refer to her in communication with others.

Celinda Scott said...

I should say that speaking for myself and perhaps many others who are conservative theologically, that despite disagreements referred to above, there are projects that have been undertaken by our PB ( such as the Millennium Developmental Goals) that one strongly supports. It's been the position of our bishops for a long time that the MDGs are very important, although they do not replace spreading the Gospel of the word.