Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Good Stuff: Iowa

IOWA: Mission team to deliver clean-water units to Swaziland

The Iowans will carry with them several handheld battery-powered "chlorinating" devices that can convert two tablespoons of salt and two cups of water into enough chlorine to disinfect a day's worth of drinking water for 100 persons. Pilgrims from the Diocese of Iowa first introduced four of the "Klor Gen 3000" units, invented by John Hays of Washington, Iowa, to Swaziland during a mission trip in 2006.

Now the Diocese of Iowa can deliver dozens more, thanks to funds raised by Waters of Hope. Of the total money raised, $14,700 has been earmarked for Swaziland, according to the Rev. Mitchell Smith, 27, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Waterloo, Iowa, who conceived Waters of Hope and served as director of the 2008 bike ride.

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