Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cubs win their Division

In the category "further proof that God exists", the Cubs win their Division. For you soccer fans out there, the cubbies have to win two more series to go the World Series which they haven't won since 1908 or been in since 1945.

Thousands of fans from across the country and beyond descended upon the quaint stadium in Wrigleyville after the Cubs clinched the National League Central title Saturday evening. As the sun set over the city, fans competed with bucket drummers for supremacy as the voice of victory.

"The atmosphere was electric," said Paul Kovac, who flew in from Georgia to attend the game, in which the Cubs beat the St. Louis Cardinals 5-4. Kovac scanned the boisterous crowd as it yelled incoherent chants and said, "This is baseball.",0,5623642.story

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Bruce Robison said...

They made us look like Manatee Junior College this year, which was hard to take. But I'll be cheering for the Cubbies in October . . . .