Monday, September 22, 2008

Polygamy in Nigeria: Psychiatric option for deviant behaviour

A Report from the Nigerian National Newspaper about the problem of polygamy in the country and the churches response. It focuses mainly on the response of the Roman Catholics but is an interesting insight into the larger problems in Nigerian Christianity.

A Nigerian polygamist has broken all known records since King Solomon by recently unveiling his eighty-six wives and one hundred and seventy children. The BBC, the Internet and other world media have all been captivated by seat of Alhaji Bello Masaba. Already, 86 lawyers are lining up to defend him.

At about the same time this phenomenal news broke, a seventy two-year-old traditional ruler from Delta State was reported by Daily Champion as spending an average of N720,000 per annum on vitamins and energy-giving tablets. told news men that he had to spend so much because “I have many wives, some of them very young, and I have to satisfy them all.” What a caring and loving husband! With these kinds of developments, including the great exploits of our ruling class, known to keep wives, concubines and lovers all around the globe with stolen funds, one may submit that we have reached a stage where we can begin to export gigolos (male prostitutes) to foreign countries to boost the foreign exchange earnings.

The responsibility of ensuring a nation of balanced citizenry is a collective one of both government and civil society in general. On the other hand, imbalance, stemming from people deviating from established norms and their religious prescriptions, disorientates and militates against progress and responsible citizenship. Imagine the kind of havoc that is being caused presently in our country by unemployed men, suffering themselves from imbalance, but who have taken up the Bible and are now preaching all over the nation, claiming that God asked them to start churches. These pastors even make extravagant claims to “deliver” souls from the devil, with our streets plastered with posters and banners on “deliverance”. It all depicts a degenerate society.

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