Saturday, September 27, 2008

PITTSBURGH: Convention will go forward, Standing Committee says

From Episcopal News service. There are links to the resolutions and other resources (including this one) embedded in the text.

During its meeting on September 23, the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh said that the diocese's previously scheduled October 4 convention would go forward.

Delegates to the convention will be asked to approve three resolutions (see resolutions one, two and three here) re-aligning the diocese with the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone of southern South America.

The parish of at least one member of the Standing Committee has announced that it will not support those resolutions. A majority of the vestry at St. Michael's of the Valley in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, said September 23 that if the Southern Cone resolutions pass "we will continue to consider ourselves to be a part of the Episcopal Church of America in accordance with our by-laws." The Rev. Jim Simons, St. Michael's rector, serves on the Standing Committee.

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