Friday, September 26, 2008

Archbishops criticise bankers in Wonderland

From The Church Times in England. (I think the banker is wearing the hat)

THE ARCHBISHOPS of Canterbury and York have both challenged the unfettered capitalism that contributed to the current global financial crisis.

Speaking to bankers on Wednesday evening, the Archbishop of York lambasted speculators who last week short sold shares in HBOS as "bank robbers" and "asset strippers". His address was given at the annual dinner of the Institute of Worshipful Company of International Bankers at Drapers Hall, in the City of London.

Dr Sentamu also expressed sympathy for the bankers who were "shooting the financial rapids. . . Markets are in turmoil. Bear Sterns and Northern Rock are etched indelibly in your memory. And now we have the stories of Lehmann Brothers and Merrill Lynch, AIG, and HBOS."

And here's the take from the Financial Times

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